16 Canada. Love my tv shows. most of my posts are castle related. I also blog about person of interest, agents of shied, CSI, TWD, TBBT, HIMYM, 2 broke girls,modern family, the good wife,SPN, Blue bloods, saving hope,under the dome, marvel, bollywood, hockey,hp, hunger games and TFIOS
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Ouch, it’s getting hot in here..

I’m glad this happened. It shows other people/celebrities not to travel down there to shout redundant empty words to people. Go down there with a purpose and a plan in mind.

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@chloebennet4: #alsicebucketchallenge part 2

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Don’t worry, you two will be waking up in each others arms for real soon enough…

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if u ever see me in irl ur gonna be so disappointed

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Nathan to Joss Whedon ‘Just in my expirence usually, if you have couple of weeks off. You make a movie………..with me’.

He is such a nerd.

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